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Condolences for your family

Pete Vargas and family
Mar 14, 2017
Oak Ridge, TN

We were sad to lose Jean. She was one of those bright lights that made Oak Ridge shine so beautifully! I was fortunate enough to do music with her a number of times. She was especially kind and encouraging. One of the highlights was singing for her 80th birthday party, when she insisted on accompanying me herself. There will always be a certain emptiness from her passing, but her touch will continue to be felt by so many.

Mike Cates
Mar 13, 2017
Oak Ridge, TN

Judy & Susan
You have our deepest sympathy
Tom & Donna Sullivan

Tom sullivan
Mar 13, 2017
Oak ridge, TN Usa

Jean was one of the forty-niners of GHS.She attended our 65 re-union a few years ago and brought her usual bubbly talented self along.She was the glee club pianist at GHS. Through music she was an inspiration to all.

Tom Neal, Jr.
Mar 12, 2017
Gallatin, TN usa

Judy, Sue and family,

I was heartbroken by the news of Jean's passing so I can only imagine how all of you must be feeling. She was a truly amazing woman. There aren't enough words to describe her. She lived her life with love, compassion, dignity, and grace. This community will most certainly miss her contributions and her presence. You were greatly blessed to have had such an amazing woman as your mother.

I write this with tears in my eyes. I will greatly miss my friend Jean.

Susan Asbury
Mar 12, 2017
Oak Ridge, TN

Judy, Sue, Sumner and family:
When Jean spoke, everybody listened. Whether about an investment at CWIC, a project for Altrusa or a humorous story, we often looked to Jean for the last word. She was the best teacher and storyteller - always kind, always respectful and always stirring the best pictures. WWJD has a new meaning for me now. "What would Jean do?..." Thanks for sharing her and in so many ways, being just like her.

Mar 12, 2017

For the Stone family, I'm saddened to learn of Jean's passing. Growing up, I remember her as the mom who was always happy, continuously laughing, and made you feel so welcome - such a kind soul. I certainly know her children exhibit those same characteristics. I am sending up a prayer for each of you.

Karen Noey
Mar 12, 2017

Hi, Jim, Buddy, Susan, Judy, condolences to you all. Thank you for the friendship and good times. I am sorry for your families loss. I have very good memories of some amazing music. Nobody could play like she could.

Larry Bordinger
Mar 12, 2017

Dear Susie and Judy , your brothers and your families ,

I was so very sad to learn of your Mom's passing . My deepest condolences ; I can only imagine how you must be feeling . My heart goes out to you from this side of the world .

I had no idea your Mom was active in so many great causes and just intellectually curious ones . Wide travel and an "investment club" ?!

What really hit me in the beautiful obituary was the mention of her laugh . It brought all the memories flooding back . The laugh from the piano bench at the Back Door , the laugh ( at/with me) when I would again butcher a piece on her piano . It was a laugh that lit up the room and spread happiness in every direction . Like a laugh water balloon .

I knew and and grew up with all of you and your Mom in your warm , door- never- locked house as much my own.

Maybe , at least this so sad time can lead to us , with Yo , to getting back in contact .

Much love to you all , Elena

Elena Baxter
Mar 11, 2017
Paris, TN France

Dear Buddy, Judy, Susan, Jim & ALL the Stone family:
Dad & I both send our deepest sympathy & prayers for you, in the loss of Jean. We had the privilege of being neighbors in the '50's-early '60's. Remember "The Sanford Ln. Super Spectacular Stupendous Sensational Circus" we all participated in each Summer, for years? Mrs. Jean was matchless at organizing and encouraging a sense of community among the adult neighbors, & gently showing each child that he/she had some God-given talent & how to find it. Dad & I remember her fantastic sense of timing and humor, her wit and wonder at the world around her. She loved life, people and each of YOU. Although Mrs. Jean has left this world, a bit of her remains in each of you, as well as all of us, whose lives she touched in some special way. Remember to keep that "LIGHT" burning...and pass it on!

O.M. Sealand, Sr. & Anne Sealand Ansell
Mar 11, 2017
Baton Rouge, LA USA

My condolences to you all on Jean's passing. How fortunate you are to have a loving family with so many happy memories to share. Jean will always be with you.

Florence Collis Mungillo
Mar 11, 2017
Hampton Falls, NH USA

My heart is aching at the news of Jean's passing. She was a huge part of the worship service at our church and was always so uplifting. Loved it when she would infuse a little bit of upbeat jazz into a song she was playing and you would just see the whole congregation just come alive! Heaven is jammin now!

Robert Queen
Mar 11, 2017
Clinton, TN

I am so sorry for the loss of our dear friend. She was a loved by all and shared her musical talent so freely. My deepest sympathy to you, her children. I shall long remember the happy times I shared with your precious mother.

Betty Eason
Mar 11, 2017
Oak Ridge, TN Anderson

My deepest sympathy to all of Jean's family. You, as have we Jean's friends, have lost a very special lady. Her smile, her grace, her wit, her talent and her unique way of making everyone feel welcome and special will long be remembered. I'm so glad to have known Jean and to have been touched by her life. My prayers are with each of you in this difficult time. Let's cherish the fond memories and celebrate a life well lived.

Ali Swofford
Mar 10, 2017
Knoxville, TN USA

You have my deepest condolences. Jean was a lovely person. She made the world a friendlier and more caring place. She will be missed.

Heather Parrish
Mar 10, 2017
Oak Ridge, TN United States

Our loss, Heaven's gain. Jean is undoubtedly enjoying entertaining friends and family above, free from all illness and pain. We will miss you, Jean. God bless.

Jean Lantrip
Mar 10, 2017
Oak Ridge, TN USA

Jean was a special person to me. He had a great time at MMC. Johnny Bullock

Johnny Bullock
Mar 10, 2017
Lake City, TN

She was loved by so many people whose lives were made better by knowing her. She will be greatly missed! She was a fun person to be around and an example of how we should live our life.

Carol Smallridge
Mar 10, 2017

This is Charles Bone from the farm next to the Hall place on Red River Road in Gallatin. Great memories of our families there. What a great life of service to your community !

Charles Bone
Mar 10, 2017
Nashville, TN USA

What a beautiful person and what a beautiful life! Loved your music and your upbeat and cheerful personality. You will be greatly missed..

Louise Mixon
Mar 10, 2017
Knoxville, TN USA

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